„Solacers“ by Arion Golmakani

"Writing Solacers, an English book about an Iran life, while at the same time trying to preserve the story’s complex social and cultural flavors and colors, was not an easy task. Words had to be chosen carefully and arranged and sown together delicately in order to be able to transport readers to that specific place and time. Now, translating that very book into German language, without losing the authenticity and essence of the original story, is a herculean undertaking. And that is exactly what Tanja Selzer has been able to accomplish in "Beraubte Wut" [German Title for "Solacers"], with shinning results. She has translated the work into German language so masterful that it is difficult to tell "Beraubte Wut" is a translation and not an original German work. I highly recommend Tanja and trust her with all of my future translations, should the need arise." Arion Golmakani, author of Solacers.                               LaLe Verlag

"Nine-Tenths" by Meira Pentermann

„Tanja Selzer is a rare and gifted translator. Dedicated, meticulous, and passionate, she spent many, many hours on this project - worth more than the price I paid her. She seemed to be driven by a desire to create a beautiful and polished manuscript - something to be proud of. Native German speakers have told me that the translation reads like an original novel. Tanja is a gem, precious and unique. I absolutely recommend her.“

- Meira Pentermann

Marvel comic books

For Language Connect.

Such as X-Men (First Class, Phoenix Endsong, Phoenix Warsong, Forever), Avengers, Deadpool, Blade, Young Avengers/Runaways (Civil War, Secret Invasion) and Blink.

French romance novels

Various volumes for Anyword. Such as
"A lui, corps et âme"

by Olivia Dean (volume 4 & 5) and

"Cent facettes de Mr. Diamonds"

by Emma Green (volume 11)


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