I have been working as a German freelance translator for the languages English and French for 8 years now and specialised in those areas I personally have a passion for. These include literature/fiction, linguistics, literary studies, media and art, social sciences and the arts, education and educational theory because I am also a tutor. But as a translator I also work in the fields of journalism, marketing and advertising as well as tourism and free time.

Mainly I translate websites, brochures/booklets, presentations and advertising texts. I am most passionate about translating fiction, though. During my studies of "Literary Translation" and my internship at the Translator’s Council in Straelen I learnt the necessary skills for this special subject and in 2012 I translated the novel "Nine-Tenths" by Meira Pentermann. 2013 I then worked on the translation of numerous Marvel comic books as well as some volumes of French romance novels and 2015 the German edition of Arion Golmakani's memoir "Solacers" was published.

The last couple of years I also worked for various agencies and companies such as Anyword, Language Connect, QuickLingo, 101translations, Trad’ilp Traductions, Sounds-Write, Applied Language Solutions, Satzgewinn, Fachuebersetzungsdienst, WORTwelt, Booking, Toca Boca, XtremeAir, Comsol and Asianmovieweb.com and became acquainted with a lot of different fields of expertise.