During my time at the "Schülerhilfe" institution for private tuition I taught pupils of different classes in the school subjects German, English and French and prepared them specifically for tests and the corresponding final examinations. Here the focus lay on establishing a learning atmosphere in small groups of 4-5 pupils, where the pupils were encouraged to work independently but were also supported individually according to their respective needs.

As a private tutor I like to concentrate on one-to-one lessons, though, because that way the specific means of supporting the children can be used more effectively. Every single pupil learns differently and therefore diverse and personalized ways of encouragement and studying techniques as well as teaching methods are necessary. I bear that in mind when teaching and in that way support both educational and personal achievements of adolescents.

The same goes for the field of adult education. I design the lessons according to the special needs of every single person and take the individual demands and performance levels into consideration.

Through my work for the "Beseke & Oertel – Partner Company for Learning Skills" I also have the opportunity to tutor pupils, who are in danger of having to repeat eighth grade, during special holiday camps. In these camps we do not only convey subject-specific knowledge in learning units but also address the topic "Learning how to learn effectively". The adolescents have the opportunity to exchange and reconsider views on their current learning style and eventually learn how to improve their techniques through various tips and collectively compiled methods. In addition we enhance both the children's social behaviour and personality development through experiential education and adventure-based learning, which creates a motivated and amusing learning atmosphere in a very short amount of time.

As a tutor for "ZukunftPlus" I was responsible for theoretical knowledge transfer and conveyed to the participants (from ages 15-25) the necessary qualifications for their career entry within the so-called "ChancePlus"-Programme. With a class of max. 18 participants I worked through the relevant material of the subjects German and English and prepared them with practice-oriented exercises for their first steps into vocational training and future jobs. This also involved the training of pre-employment testing and job interviews.

For „Privatakademie - Institut Dr. Rampitsch“ I now work as a German tutor. This private school prepares pupils for the external school leaving examination and secondary school leaving examination. I teach classes of max. 15 pupils (from age 18 and upwards) in heterogeneous groups.